Homeopathy Chart A-Z

A - Z Reference of Weleda OTC Homeopathic Remedies

Aconite Beginnings of influenza and colds; fear; shock
Actaea rac  -  Headaches; neuralgia; painful muscles and/or shooting pains; depression; menopause
Allium cepa  - 
Common cold, much sneezing and watering of eyes; hay fever; hacking cough in cold air
Apis mel  - 
Burning, stinging pains; chilblains; cystitis; boils; swelling of lower eyelids; insect stings; hives
Argent nit  -  Anticipatory fear; dyspepsia; headache; mental strain; conjunctivitis
After injury; mental and physical shock; before operations, visits to dentist, etc; bruises and sprains; rheumatism
Arsen alb  - 
Restlessness; vomiting; diarrhoea; stomach upsets from food poisoning
Belladonna  -  Hot, flushed face; shiny eyes; sore throat; facial neuralgia; throbbing earache; throbbing boils; throbbing headache
Bellis perennis  - 
Lumbago; bruises
Bryonia  - 
Chesty colds; coughs; arthritis
Calc. carb  -  Profuse periods; cold extremities; cramp; depression; craving for salt
Calc. fluor  -  Piles which bleed and itch; for the prevention of tooth decay and the stimulation of the formulation of tooth enamel
Calc. phos  -  General debility associated with arthritic conditions particularly if indigestion also suffered; general debility; mental debility
Cantharis Burns and scalds before blisters form; cystitis; burning pain in bladder both before and after passing water; sunburn
Carbo veg  -  Indigestion with excessive flatulence; varicose veins
Causticum  -  Raw, burning, sore pain with chesty cough and sore throat; hoarseness; stiff neck, rheumatism; contractures of tendons, incontinence
Chamomilla  -  Teething; irritability and restlessness; colic; green slimy diarrhoea; total intolerance to pain
Cina  -  Worms; itchiness of nose and anus; nausea with white diarrhoea
Cocculus Travel sickness; nausea with hollow sensation in stomach; nausea during pregnancy
Coffea  -  Sleeplessness due to mental activity; tension, agitation
Colocynthis  -  Colic; stomach pains, flatulence, cramp; stitching pain
Cuprum met  -  Cramp in extremities; poor circulation; whooping cough, vomiting
Drosera Coughs; whooping cough; persistent, irritating cough with retching and vomiting
Euphrasia  -  Conjunctivitis; inflamed burning eyes; hay fever; catarrh
Ferr. phos  -  Colds; inflammation of the respiratory tract; a tonic for general debility resulting from influenza
Gelsemium  -  Colds; influenza; sore throat; runny nose; tight headaches; nervous anxiety
Graphites  -  Dry skin eruptions on scalp and body; eczema; dry, cracked fingertips; dandruff; catarrh
Hamamelis  -  Varicose veins; piles; chilblains; bruises
Hepar sulph  -  Purulent discharges; body odour; choking sensations; general hypersensitivity
Hypericum Very painful cuts and wounds; blows to fingers or toes; horsefly bites
Ignatia  -  Weepiness; bereavement; hysteria; loss of appetite
Ipecac  -  Any illness where there is constant nausea and sickness; morning sickness in pregnancy; bronchitis; asthma
Kali bich  -  Sinus troubles; catarrh with stringy discharge; coughs; sore throat; nausea and vomiting, particularly after alcohol
Kali phos  -  Nervous exhaustion; nervous indigestion; bad breath; giddiness from exhaustion and weakness
Lachesis  -  Hot flushes and depression in menopause; menstrual pain when relieved by flow
Ledum  -  Puncture wounds from sharp pointed objects; muscle pains after stings, puncture wound and injections, insect bites
Lycopodium Excessive flatulence; constipation; excessive hunger; anxiety; headache
Merc. sol  -  Bad breath; body odour; sore throat; mouth abscess
Mixed Pollen  -  Hay fever where triggered by pollen
Nat mur  -  Sinus troubles; sneezy cold; runny nose; cold sores; migraine; craving for salt
Nux vom  -  Nervous indigestion; early morning liverishness; indigestion 2-3 hours after eating; travel sickness; irritability; stuffy nose; hay fever
Phosphorus Bronchitis; dry cough; hypersensitivity; night sweat
Phytolacca  -  Mastitis; ulceration of mouth & throat; sore throat stiff neck with inability to swallow; shooting pains like electric shocks
Pulsatilla  -  Weepiness, particularly in children and pre-menstrual women; menopause; catarrh; styes
Rhus tox  -  Rheumatism; lumbago sciatica; sprains of joints or tendons; herpes; shingles; chicken pox
Ruta grav  -  Bruised bones; fractures; dislocations; sprains
Sepia  -  Menopausal symptoms, often combined with depression; hot flushes; pre-menstrual tension and depression; morning sickness in pregnancy; debility
Silicea Boils; abscesses; general improvement of skin, hair, fingernails, sinus troubles; headaches
Sulphur  -  Itching skin; dry skin problems, eczema; boils; inflamed, red orifices; burning sensations - eg feet hot in bed
Symphytum Bone fractures; bone injuries; rheumatic and arthritic conditions resulting from broken bones
Thuja  -  Warts; styes; chronic skin conditions; dandruff; body odour
Urtica urens  -  Urticaria; stinging burns and scalds; itchy blotches on skin


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