Product Spotlight: AgeGard Anti-Ageing Capsules from BioLife

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Lifestyle Natural Health

BioLife’s AgeGard is a combination of micro-nutrients designed to help delay the visible signs of aging and is formulated by a South Wales research centre known for its innovation and excellence.

age gard anti ageing capsules - natural supplementWhile aging is inevitable you can influence how you ‘look and feel’ with a healthy lifestyle including exercise, stress management a good wholesome diet and specific food supplements that help protect the cells in your body.

AgeGard contains active natural ingredients and is free from artificial additives.

Each capsule of AgeGard contains:

• Collagen
• CoQ10
• Maine extracts Squalene (from olive)
• Oligopan (pine bark)
• Lutein
• Lycopene
• Selenium
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin E

Fighting the Signs of Ageing

As we age collagen degradation occurs, leading to wrinkles and loss of skin ‘elasticity’ and as such Collagen is an important substance for those looking for ways to fight the visible effects of aging.

Squalene is an organic compound regarded as an excellent nutrient for the skin and has been proposed to be an important part of the Mediterranean diet.

CoQ10 has been the subject of much research and is an essential nutrient involved in energy production within our cells.

Lycopene, Oligopan and Selenium are potent antioxidants whereas Lutein is an important carotenoid.

The benefits of Marine Extracts are well documented.


AgeGard has won a GOLD award for Best Natural Beauty Product 2014, view it in our online store here.

AgeGard®  – Looking good starts from the inside out ………

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