Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)

Sue Kholer
UK. Oriental Medical Professional

Tuina is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, the name means literally 'push' & 'grasp'.

Different from other massages in that utilises pushing, rocking, rolling, pinching, kneading. Vigorous in it's application, this massage can be focus led to bring relieve to tightened sore muscles due to exercise, sports and or a demanding lifestyle.

Tuina uses massage and the manipulation of Qi and soft tissue to help with a variety of muscle injuries. The use of specific acu points known to be energetically helpful enhance the treatment of muscle-skeletal conditions and aid in the recovery from sports injury as well as regular aches and pains resulting from a demanding lifestyle.

On a deeper level Tuina can help with digestive upsets and some women's issues.

Touch can be light to strong pressure as well as invigorating depending on the individual need.

Wear soft clothes

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Sue Kholer