Author Erica Gustavsson LCH RSHom
Registered Homeopath

Eczema is a complicated inflammatory condition of the skin that can occur at any age, although especially common in babies and young children. It causes redness, itching, cracking of the skin, blisters, discharges or dryness leading to flaking and scaling of the skin. Some types of eczema are better known as dermatitis e.g. contact dermatitis and seborrhoea dermatitis. Conventional medicinal treatment is to use steroid creams, antihistamines and sometime antibiotics.

To homoeopaths however, this is really dealing with an ‘end problem’ rather than a ‘causation’. Eczema is seen as an internal imbalance which the body is throwing out onto the skin thus protecting the more important internal organs Treatment would be to prescribe a ‘constitutional remedy’ based on the whole picture of the patient (both physical and emotional) and also some very soothing and healing non-suppressive creams to alleviate the itching and dryness and to nourish the skin.

I recommend Chickweed cream, based on organically grown chickweed extract and oil (Stellaria media) and organically grown hemp and sunflower oils. This cream is very useful to take the ‘heat’ out of the skin when the skin is red, inflamed, hot and itching and the skin is unbroken. If the patient has ‘scratched’ the skin enough to break it then I suggest Organic Alioe Vera Gel, very useful for general healing, minor burns and sunburn. I like to use products with organic ingrediants wherever possible.

It may be necessary to change the diet as too much wheat, dairy and ‘acid’ foods can cause irritation and congestion. Supplements of:

Omega 3 concentrated fish oil capsules (these need to be high in EPA/DHA), Omega 6 (GLA) Borage oil (buy one that is bio-available) and probiotics (in excess of 8 billion)) can be extremely beneficial. I use Biotic plus, which has 10 billion per capsule'

Seek the professional help of a qualified Practitioner, so that the internal cause may be addressed.