A Vogel (BioForce) Tincture Passiflora 50ml

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Passiflora Complex
A native of the Americas, Alfred Vogel saw this ‘showy flower’ in Mexico and Brazil, learning of its uses from the native people. The plant was brought to Europe in the 17th Century as a garden adornment but naturopaths started to use it about 100 years ago. This herb is combined with the fresh young seeds of Avena sativa (Oats) to create this useful tincture.

Benefits and features of A.Vogel Passiflora Complex:
Herbal stress support for those prone to worry or feeling ‘under pressure’
Fresh herb extracts
Organically grown
Relaxing properties
Non addictive

Ingredients: Contains the tinctures of fresh Passiflora incarnata* (Passiflora) aerial parts 70% and fresh Avena sativa*(Oats) 30%
Alcohol content: 58% v/v.
* Organically grown.

Direction for use:

Adults: 20 drops twice daily, in a little water.
Children: (2-12 years): 1 drop per year of age twice daily, in a little water or juice.
This product is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

Always read the label before use and keep out of reach of children.

Please seek medical advice before use if pregnant.
Store in a cool dry place.