BioLife Elderberry Complex 90 tablets

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BioLife Elderberry Complex
Elderberry with

Vitamins, Lysine, Beta Glucans and Zinc

Although normally described as “the immune system” as if it were a single system within the body, there are in fact a number of differing and diverse responses, both within different organs and in cells circulating throughout the body that comprise the immune system.

Vitamins C, B6 and D with Zinc together with Black Elderberry, are all separately recognised to support various aspects of the immune system.

Beta glucans research indicates that it is a potent immune stimulant by helping to boost white blood cells and anti-viral agent.
Potassium and Vitamin C supports the activity of white blood cells.  Vitamin C is essential for healthy immune function
Lysine is supportive to the immune system
Vitamin B6 is required for the efficient utalisation and metabolism of Lysine
Vitamin D3 is involved in helping regulate the replication of healthy cells
Zinc is required by the white blood cells

Nutritional information per 2 tablets
Black Elderberry                1,000mg
    Sambuci nigro

Potassium Ascorbate         260mg 
(providing Vitamin C 208mg)
L-Lysine                                  400mg
Beta1,3 Glucans                     72mg
Zinc Citrate                             32.4mg 
(providing Zinc 10mg)

Vitamin B6                              10mg
Vitamin D3                              20ug

Wheat, Gluten,Dairy and Yeast free
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Recommended daily intake: 1 tablet, twice daily with food
90 tablets per pot

If you would prefer to take a Tincture you may be interested in our BioLife Organic Black Elderberry Tincture.

Always read the label before use and keep away from children