Insect Repellent Organic Essential Oils 10ml

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Natural Life Insect Repellent Organic Pure Essential Oils 10ml

Natural Life 'Insect Repellent' mixed essentials oils, has been formulated to help avoid those irritating insects and painful bites. Contains Organic Citronella, Organic Lavender and Organic Lemongrass.'

A few drops of Insect Repellent pure essential oils can be mixed with a carrier oil or lotion and massaged into the areas of the body likely to be exposed to insects. Add drops to an essence burner or sprinkle onto rugs. 

Keep away from children.

Do not use neat on the skin.
Consult a professional therapist before using essential oils for children.
Do not use during pregnancy

If you have never used Essential Oils before, or want to know more about using them, please check out our Guide to using Essential oils