New Era Tissue Salts

In the late 19th century mineral cell salts were identified by a biochemist, Wilhelm Schuessler, as nutrients essential for our health and well being. Dietary deficiencies, or imbalances of one or more of these salts could, just like vitamins, therefore affect the maintenance of our normal good health

As part of what could be considered an early and unique form of nutritional supplementation, one remedial theory was that tablets containing tiny doses of these mineral cell, or tissue salt nutrients could address cell level imbalances. An American Physician, August Luyties developed an original fast dissolving tiny tablet to provide these nutrients in a unique assimilable form that could be safely taken in multiple doses. In the late 1800’s his family business Luyties Pharmacal began the first commercial manufacturing, of these and. in 1923 the New Era Treatment Co of London, imported the first such product into the UK with the introduction of the Elasto Brand.

The full range of 12 Single Mineral Cell salts was subsequently successfully launched in 1927. These were followed by a number of ready mixed Combination Salts designed to meet specific consumer needs as an alternative to making their own mixture of single Tissue Salts. Over the following decades New Era’s popularity grew in not only pharmacy and health food stores at home and but also in many markets around the World too.