Natural Life® Treatment Creams

Nature has much to offer in helping relieve aches and pains in our joints or muscles. Many of us like to use natural products and Natural Life Joints & Muscles MSM Cream was carefully formulated with natural plant ingredients including organic essential oils and 10% MSM

It’s particularly beneficial to use Natural Life Joints & Muscles Treatment Cream after a warm bath as this opens up the pores in our skin and increases the rate of absorption.

It is an extremly popular product in our health store and customers tend to ’spread the word’ to their friends and colleagues about how helpful this cream is to them.


Letter from a customer
Dear Sir/Madam
Like most people, I don’t often write to praise a product that I have bought however, your Joints & Muscles cream exceeded all expectations. Last week whilst walking my dog in the woods I tripped over a stump. That evening my foot was very swollen and it was painful to walk on. I remembered that my husband had been using your Joints & Muscles cream on his shoulder, with great success I might add. I used it on my foot. The next morning, the swelling had reduced dramatically and I was able to walk with very little pain. Thank you for producing a superb product, which I shall always keep to hand!
Yours Gratefully
Lotte Bannister - Sussex