Nutritional Consultant
Vizma Ezite

BA (Hons) Dip ION mBANT

Nutrition for
Optimum Weight

You can clear the confusion and get answers to your questions

There are five fundamental principles of good health:

· Cellular Oxygenation

· Cellular Hydration

· Cellular Regeneration

· Nutrition

· Sunlight

Being clear about your values, leading a lifestyle that is supportive of health and nutrition are all part of this balanced system of health.
Many people have transformed their health by making changes in lifestyle and diet, and following the principles of good health.
A good diet is always at the core of optimum nutrition. Nutritional supplements may be recommended to help resolve any nutritional imbalances

What happens in a consultation?
Before your first consultation you will complete a questionnaire which asks for information about your current health, nutrition status and lifestyle.
Based on the information provided, Vizma will identify the areas of imbalance and will make recommendations on what changes you may need to make to achieve your goals.

After the consultation you will receive a personalised report.
Additional diagnostic testing may be recommended, when appropriate.
Follow up consultations are usually necessary to help achieve your goals in manageable steps.

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