Bach Flower Emergency Spray

Bach Flower Emergency Spray

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Ainsworth Emergency Recovery Spray
Specially formulated using Bach Flower Remedies, traditionally known and used for their calming, soothing and strengthening qualities

The Ainsworths Anti-Stress Formula includes and enhances Dr. Bach’s original rescue combination by adding Bach Flower essences carefully chosen to target fears, anxieties and negative spiralling thought patterns

Emergency Spray is uniquely alcohol-free widening its range of use to babies, children and animals.

The gentle ‘no taste’ formula is also water-based, which speeds the effect of the essences and makes it ready to use.
Emergency Spray is a completely safe and natural solution for all ages and may be used as often as required

For maximum benefit we recommend you use Emergency Spray:
On waking and before going to sleep. Before and in any stressful situation, e.g. and interview, important meeting, test or medical appointment
To enhance any relaxation treatment or meditation. Any time you feel nervous, out of balance or emotionally pressured With anxious babies, children or animals