Natural Life Organic LAVENDER Essential Oil

Natural Life Organic LAVENDER Essential Oil

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Lavender Organic Pure Essential Oil

Lavendula augustifolia
Relaxing, Refreshing and Uplifting

An evergreen shrub, native to Europe but cultivated around the world, including the UK. France, Australia, Spain, Russia and Bulgaria

Natural Life Lavender is from France which has a long history and excellent reputation for it’s fine quality and subtle aroma Lavender essential oil.

Lavender blends well with most oils and enhances the action of other essential oils and is often added to massage and bath oils and skin care products. It is valuable in skin care, especially burns, helping to promote cellular regeneration and to soothe and heal damaged tissue.

There is a well-documented record of Professor Gaffosse’s work and experience with Lavender essential oil. He was conducting an experiment in his laboratory when, during an explosion, he burnt his arm. He plunged it into a vat of Lavender and his burns healed remarkably quickly without any scarring.

Extraction Method Organic Lavender is steam distilled from the flowering tops, picked in morning dew and distilled directly to enhance the natural esther levels, quality and quantity.

Keep away from children.

Do not use neat on the skin.
Consult a professional therapist before using essential oils for children.
Do not use during pregnancy.
Do not take internally

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