SCIO Therapy
The SCIO (Latin for ‘I know’) machine is the revolutionary way to test for a huge range of health problems. The system was designed by Bill Nelson, a Complementary Health Practitioner, formerly a NASA scientist.

The machine literally scans the body to assess the health of organs and look for allergens, viruses, toxins, fungi, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hormone imbalances. It tests over 3500 different items, which are measured and will give you the results instantly.

Health risk profile (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids)
Allergy testing (food intolerance)
vitamin and mineral status
virus, bacteria, fungi
organ imbalances
hormone profile

Allergy Testing with SCIO
Screening for intolerance to foods, additives, moulds, environmental, pollens, animal sensitivity etc. Many digestive disorders are caused by food intolerances which are becoming increasingly common. Also includes vitamin and mineral analysis.

How can it help?
Holistic health is concerned with the Whole person, mental, emotional and physical. The SCIO system is ahead of its time, it focuses on the person not the ailment. It can detect health trends and susceptibility and seeks to resolve the root cause of a persons health issues. It may also assist in delaying any decline.

SCIO can bring to light underlying emotions which may be having an effect on a persons physical health . Scio is able to nudge the body into balancing harmful processes.

The machine knows the difference between harmonic frequencies and dysfunctional frequencies .Stimulus from the Scio triggers the inborn forces in the body to heal itself by amplifying healthy, harmonic frequencies back to the person .

A SCIO practitioner is not a doctor but a holistic therapist. The results of the SCIO readings will be discussed with you and recommendations, referrals or suggestions made. You will receive an easy to understand report sheet. Readings will be discussed with you and recommendations, referrals or suggestions made

Appointments cannot be made online