Natural Life®

Skin care treatments need to penetrate deeply into our skin to be most effective. Pure and Natural Essential Oils and plant extracts have a natural affinity to the skin they are lipid based and allow penetration through the dermis. They have been used for thousands of years and can help repair, protect and rejuvenate our skin at its deepest levels.

Many skin care products contain ingredients such as petroleum and parabens,  Natural Life skin does not contain any of these harmful ingredients

Nature has much to offer in helping relieve aches and pains in our joints or muscles. Many of us like to use natural products and Natural Life Joints & Muscles MSM Cream was carefully formulated with natural plant ingredients including organic essential oils and 10% MSM

It’s particularly beneficial to use Natural Life Joints & Muscles Treatment Cream after a warm bath as this opens up the pores in our skin and increases the rate of absorption.

The essential oils are extracted from the seeds, petals, leaves, twigs or fruits of plants and each oil has different qualities which can enhance well-being and health. Through our sense of smell they have access to our brains and therefore effect the way we feel - our emotions. Natural Life essential oils are from organically grown plants.