Running on Adrenalin

Ute Allison MSc. BSc. BNA. APN. MRN.VDH
Naturopath / Heilpraktiker

Are you Running on Adrenalin?

Who needs Adrenal Support?
We all know how a little bit of stress makes us feel - jittery, wide-eyed, dry-mouthed, heart-in-your-throat. But what we really need to know is how important the adrenal glands are in trying to adapt to this stress. During prolonged or extreme stress, the body tries to adapt to this state by releasing adrenalin from the adrenal glands. But we’re not supposed to be ‘running on adrenalin’ all the time, as during this time, the body is under enormous physical strain and nutritional requirements are very high.

Excess adrenaline which is not used up circulates around the body leaving us with a sense of being on edge, unable to relax and more prone to digestive disturbances. The combination of excessive output of adrenaline, thyroxin and fluctuating blood sugar levels create a sense of irritability and sometimes anxiety attacks.

Disruption to sleep is common, especially waking after a few hours of sleep and night sweats may also occur as a result of the body trying to work day and night in response to the stress.

The types of stress that particularly affect the adrenal glands may include exposure, extreme physical exertion, environmental toxins, toxins given off by bacteria, emotional stress, and physical stress such as illness or surgery.

If we stay stressed for too long, serious effects on our body & mind can take hold, such as:

Anxiety Hormonal changes High Blood Pressure
Exhaustion Thyroid changes Insomnia
Depression Blood sugar imbalance Low immune system