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Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or are exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases

Antioxidants are substances that work interactively inside and outside of the body’s cells, protecting cell membranes from the damaging effects of highly reactive molecules called free radicals. … It is antioxidants that protect us, and literally “break the chain” of potential chemical destruction within the body

Lycopene, Grapeseed Extract, CoQ10, Magnesium Malate, Selenium, N-Acetyl Carnitine, Chromium, Vitamins B6, B12 & D3, Folic Acid are all powerful antioxidants and can be found in BioLife Antioxidant Complex.

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