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The elder tree has been called the ‘Medicine Chest of the ‘Country People’ and has been used throughout the ages in many forms for the treatment of colds, sore throats and chills . It is regarded as one of the best herbs available to alleviate a fever and is used for all types of infection. Studies have shown that the berry of the black elder tree can be effective agent against the influenza virus.

It was Dr. Jean Lindemann, the developer of interferon who first suggested to virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu that she research the black elderberry. Dr. Mumcuoglu isolated the plant’s active ingredients and found that two of them combated the flu virus very effectively.According to an article written by Dr. D. R Small-bone, viruses can’t reproduce on their own. To do this they have to invade human or other cells. So if you can stop a virus getting into your cells you stop the infection, which is just what the active extract of the black elderberry does. The ‘flu virus tries to puncture cell walls with tiny spikes, the elderberry binds to the spikes and stops the virus getting in. There is evidence to support the idea that Black Elderberry may help prevent a cold developing if taken at the first stages, or shorten the duration and severity of the cold if taken after the symptoms have developed


Bio-life Organic Black Elderberry is a high potency liquid extract botanical food supplement. Only 15-25 drops (0.75/1.25ml) are required unlike some brands that require 5/10mls (equivalent to about 100/200 drops) Specification: 1:2 (25% v/v )

Bio-life Tinctures are made from organically grown plants by cold maceration using organic alcohol and purified water so that none of the natural goodness of the plant is destroyed. While the amount of alcohol in each dose is minuscule, boiling water will evaporate it whilst leaving the actives.Tinctures quickly absorb into the system … for maximum effect.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being suitable for any Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Yeast free diets. BioLife Black Elderberry has no artificial colourings or flavours or additives and includes Lysine, Beta Glucans, Vitamins and Zinc.

What Can It Do For You?

Although normally described as “the immune system” as if it were a single system within the body, there are in fact a number of differing and diverse responses, both within different organs and in cells circulating throughout the body that comprise the immune system. Vitamins C, B6 and D with Zinc together with Black Elderberry, are all separately recognised to support various aspects of the immune system.Beta glucans research indicates that it is a potent immune stimulant by helping to boost white blood cells and anti-viral agent. Potassium and Vitamin C supports the activity of white blood cells.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy immune function. Lysine is supportive to the immune system. Vitamin B6 is required for the efficient utilisation and metabolism of Lysine. Vitamin D3 is involved in helping regulate the replication of healthy cells. Zinc is required by the white blood cells. The Elderberry Complex tablet has a smooth coating on its surface which makes it easier to swallow. Bio-life Elderberry Complex Junior. Provides a lower potency alternative suitable for adults and children from two years old upwards. In capsules that can be opened for the contents to be sprinkled into cold drinks or food.

BioLife Elderberry Complex Junior

Provides a lower concentration alternative suitable for adults and children.Suitable for children aged  two years and upwards, this product comes in individual capsules that can be opened for the contents to be sprinkled into cold drinks or food to be absorbed.

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